Program Benefits

Metrics and Measurement

The methodologies for measuring the success of our campaigns are always tied to the business objectives of our sponsors.

NTC strongly believes in establishing metrics for the success of its programs. Using over three decades worth of educational expertise we have identified the six key components for successful school sponsorship. These include:

  1. Educational Value (actually leaving the students more informed and empowered than you found them)
  2. Consistency at scale (bringing your sponsorship to as large an audience as possible while retaining quality)
  3. Cost per student (calculating how much you are spending or would like to spend on each student)
  4. Measurable usage (ensuring that the information and material you bring to schools is being used and is essential to making a long-term difference)
  5. Parental activation (getting the families of students involved in your program)
  6. Public relations value (how well the sponsorship serves your image in the community)


Combining print and Internet resources with live, theatrical presentations is an extremely powerful method of engaging audiences. It lets you touch them on both an intellectual and an emotional level.  Here are a few of the ways that you can use NTC’s award-winning experiential techniques and logistical capabilities to benefit your corporation, non-profit or governmental agency:

  • Impact key stakeholders at the local, regional and/or national level
  • Change consumer behaviour in a systematic way by reaching families, students and teachers
  • Generate positive media exposure, awareness and publicity around your organisation’s key issues
  • Demonstrate corporate leadership in your industry or a specific societal subjectkids-raising-hands-web
  • Help satisfy certain state and federal government mandates or requirements
  • Create a centrally coordinated program that is efficient, cost effective and flexible
  • Determine efficacy via data-driven research
  • Build a strong emotional connection and reputation with specific target audiences
  • Deliver a key message in a distinctive manner to cut through a cluttered marketing environment
  • Build or enhance a reputation for being a good corporate citizen (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Demonstrate Community Leadership

 To further engage your audience, deliver an integrated message to parents, students and their communities. NTC Parent-Connect Events give you a chance to engage with parents and families while giving them the opportunity to enjoy an evening of live theatre, dinner and other fun family activities.

These events play in the same markets as the in-school tour. NTC coordinates with each school region to create a Parent-Connect Event at a local venue (school auditorium, library, community centre, etc.). This provides an opportunity for your organisation to directly engage face-to-face with parents in the community(s) with your brand. Sponsors can bring products, guest speakers and staff for extended engagement with their desired audience. It also allows parents and family members a chance to see a performance of the in school show with their students after school hours.

Click the video to see more about NTC Parent-Connect Events.