“Horizon Credit Union engaged NTC to roll out a financial literacy program to 4,000 primary school children in ten performances along the South Coast of NSW. The printed materials, website and performances were extremely professional, entertaining and educational. NTC coordinated everything with the schools and maintained excellent communication throughout the process. As a result of the program we have educated children on financial literacy, forged relationships with schools near our branches, reinforced our brand with parents and teachers and we were able to gain support from local press that was priceless.
I would not have any hesitation in recommending NTC.”

Kim Morris
Marketing Manager
Horizon Credit Union


“When you invest in education, you provide children with the tools to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. This is why the MoneyGram Foundation remains dedicated to empowering children around the world with access to high-quality education.”

Julia Taylor
President of the MoneyGram
Corporate Strategy at MoneyGram


“This program will help prepare students to enter the global conversation about energy efficiency and resource conservation. When learning is combined so seamlessly with laughter, kids tend to retain information remarkably well. It’s fantastic to see kids so excited about topics that might not always seem especially exciting.”

Sam Belleli
Managing Director
Workflow Automation



 “IEUA is dedicated to making our community an environmentally friendly place to live and work. By reaching the next generation with educational programs from NTC, we are helping to build a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.”

Lisa Morgan-Perales
Water Resource Analyst II
Inland Empire Utilities Agency

 “I’ll take every opportunity we’re given to spread financial literacy. The ‘Mad About Money’ material is colorful and graphic, and it’s a good way to expose students and teachers to new programs they may not have seen before.”

Lyn Peters
Director of Communications


“We get such great response from everyone who sees a performance – teachers, students, bank employees. We’ve even had customers walk into a local branch and thank us for bringing the program into their schools! There’s a tremendous level of appreciation, especially in smaller communities that typically have fewer options for this kind of programming. I’m proud that Bank of the West has made a financial commitment to take ‘Mad About Money’ into the schools. While it’s certainly done a lot to create a positive image for the bank, I’m proudest of the positive impact that the program has had on our students.”

Christine Hensley
VP of Community and Government Affairs
Bank of the West


“Raising awareness among adults about energy efficiency and conservation is important, but the best – and most effective – way to impact change, I believe, is to educate the next generation about the key issues affecting energy.”

Thomas Graham


We utilize NTC to help us spread the important message of using water wisely in a fun, interactive way to school children. When you reach children, you are also reaching their teachers, administrators and parents.”

Terry Mackin
Director of Communications and External Affairs
American Water in the Midwest



“The children thoroughly enjoyed the humor and characters….They loved the books prior to the show. It is fabulous to have free educational access to the theatre at school. Thank you!”

Toni Nichols, St. Mary’s School


“Very entertaining and releant to the life world of each and every student. All students could make a connection on some level which was relevant to their homes and families and what they may already do as energy efficient families. Good links to school as well students able to apply and connect knowledge to the school and classroom.”


“The children loved the production. I would highly endorse it as a way to engage children in a very important message that is sometimes covered in a very non-engaging way at school. The actors were truly fantastic and should be commended for their enthusiasm. Thank you for the opportunity. ”

Sema Selamet, Bethal Primary School


“Fantastic. Very Entertaining. Great enthusiasm and motivation for students. Wonderful program and one I will look into for future programs. Thank you.”

Mandy Lemons, St. Mary’s School


“This was an absolutely amazing and very informative session. IT was great for both teachers and students- very educational, funny/entertaining…loved it!!!”

Sonia Seegar, Sydenham Hillside Primary School


“I love the idea of theatre in the classroom.”

Andrew Russell, Essex Heights Primary School


“Awesome that it was FREEE and came with backup and support materials.”

Anne Scerri, Essex Heights Primary School


“A great way to get the message to the students…little bit of humor, colour, movement, simple props and easy to get message!”

Merna Gamble, Sydenham Hillside Primary School


“This program was fantastic! All the students were thoroughly engaged. The content was easy to understand and very memorable. Well Done!”

Laura Ghattas, Mill Park Heights Primary School


“Very entertaining. the students were engaged and learned about how energy can be created as well as the importance of saving energy.”

Jennifer Gekas, Mill Park heights Primary school


“It was very professionally delivered, highly engaging for the children and exactly relevant to what we are currently studying, making it highly worthwhile.”

Andrew Warmington, Kensington Primary School


“I thought the program was great. WE had a lovely conversation about saving energy when we got back to the classroom and the children enjoyed all the activeness in the book. Thanks for your time and energy coming to our school.”

Carolyn Wilson, Essex Heights Primary School